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Welcome to the Aeons Directory
Here you can find your current location as well as other sectors located throughout the city, as well as descriptions of each sector. Travel times, directions, as well as nearby taxi’s will also be shown. Have a wonderful day!


Upper is where our most prestigious individuals make their residence. Aristocrats, businessmen and woman, wealthy individuals and those who are willing to spend a few extra credits make Upper their home. Upper is comprised of towering skyscrapers, and skybridges are located just above the magistream system. Although Upper has various cafes, restaurants, clothing shops and the like, Upper is roughly 90% residence and has no established Sectors.

However, one building all residence of Upper should know of is known as The Spire. The spire This building begins on the surface of Mid and travels through Upper. It is the tallest standing structure on Earth, and houses some of the most important people on the planet. No one without superior level clearance is even able to access the lobby of this building.


Middle, or Mid, is Aeons’ most populated area. Here millions of people make their homes and businesses, and it is where all of Aeons’ Sectors are established. Mid is built from the ground up, in tall buildings that could comprised of shops, homes, or apartments. Using some of our advanced magic and technology, we’re able to increase the space within rooms to any size necesary. Some rooms in Mid rival those within Upper, so large families are able to live very comfortably wherever they go.

Main Page

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