Personal Tech Device (PTD)

All purpose tool


Personal Tech Device
The Personal Tech Device, more commonly known as a PTD, is an all purpose tool that every citizen of Aeons possesses. This item is located on the wrist of the dominate hand, and also appears over the dominate eye of the individual. Created out of both tech and magic, this item appears when needed, as either a map, a phone, a messaging device, a video recorder, voice recorder, and an ID.

Though the purpose of this tool is many, others have, as of recently, taken a liking to adapting the PTD to even more uses. Many tech savvy individuals use the device to hack into the robots of Aeons. Others have even converted them into physical weapons, while others have converted them into blasters. Though this takes a bit of time, many fighters have taken a liking to it.


Personal Tech Device (PTD)

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