Last member of the Xeni race, professional killer, and recent member of the Aeons society


The Xeni were a race unknown to near all of the universe. Thousand of years ago, the Xeni, having grown an interest in finding new races of other world, and thus, a scout was sent to discover the world. Not too soon after leaving known terrain, however, scanners confirmed that his ship was destroyed. The leaders of the Xeni declared they were not prepared to face the world, not allowing the continuation of interstellar exploration. They kept an eye on the sky, keeping themselves away from the world, and were allowed to advance far beyond any race. When they believed their race had advanced enough, a scout was sent to discover the unknown worlds.

The scout, returning after about 3 years, carried with him an abundant amount of information. However, he discovered something more on his return. Where his planet once floated in space, there was now nothing. There were no signs of the planet having ever existed, just… nothing. The scout checked all his sources, scanners everything. He was in the right spot, put nothing was there. With no signs or paths of what happened to his homeworld, he deemed himself the last of the Xeni and began roaming all of space, armed for whatever killed his race. However, as he passed a planet, scanners telling of a large population, a meteor shower caught him, knocking him out, sending him hurdling to the planet.

On the surface, the scout was soon found. His gear and weaponry were completely destroyed from the impact, aside from his suit, and a set of weapons held within: (will continue later)


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