Ability Scores
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 15
Arcana: 16
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 16

Health Points: 26
Armor Class: 16
Mental Barriers: 13
Mental Integrity: 8
Mana Burn: 13

Weapon Finesse: +1
Illusions: +1

Natural Talent: Memory Manipulation +2
Racial Trait: Shadow Walking

Weapons: A Pair of Reliable Pata +1
Light Rifle with 1.5 Magnification, Unbreakable
Armor: Weak Trench Coat +1


Wraith are a little known Race from a middle realm, and by little known, that means not more than a handful of people. Neither malevolent or benevolent, they simply desire balance in the universe. They appear completely human during the day time, but at night their forms change dramatically, their skin turns black, and marks of light cover their bodies, the color differing by Wraith.

Along with the rest of his Race, Requiem strives to create balance between good and evil, seeing that true advancement in a race comes from constant challenge. If the forces of good become to powerful, they have a chance to wipe out all opposition, should that happen, their society would stagnate, and eventually they would die out. If the forces of Darkness took over, the world would fall to chaos and it’s inhabitants would kill eachother off until no one remained.

A typical nobody trying to earn his place in Wraith society, Requiem decided to try to work his way up the ranks of the underbelly of the city using his unique ability to manipulate the memories of those around him. His final goal will be to take over the entirety of the criminal underworld, bringing everything under his control, and from there, he desires to take over the overworld, with all the so called ‘good guys’. He was always told that that was a lot for even the greatest of Wraith to accomplish, but if you’re going to dream, dream big, right?


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