Welcome to the city of Aeons!

The year is 3027, on what you know as planet earth. Humanity is within it’s golden age. Having discovered magic some time ago, the magical world humans knew nothing about opened its borders to us, accepting us with open arms. And us doing so in return. Since then our civilizations have developed incredibly, and we were able to traverse so far into the stars that we discovered other alien life. Most, thankfully, have been friendly and we us in return as well. We’ve welcomed them into earth, and broadened our technology and magic. Nowadays, magic and tech work hand and hand in unison, new inventions are being made constantly, and the earth has never seen such a golden age.

Unfortunately, despite all of this glamour, our city experiences a rather unusual amount of crime. The Police Guard, our wonderful cities law enforcement, can only deter so much crime. So, in response, many citizens have taken it upon themselves to lay down some…‘justice’. These people, are known as Vigilantes. Now vigilantism is not frowned upon by the Police Guard. Perhaps at one point, it was, but through stubbornness and such, they have simply allowed in. In fact, nowadays they encourage it, offering monetary compensation for their efforts.

However, just like with every story, there is another side. Others, rather than fighting for justice, fight for their own selfish gain. They are willing to kill, steal, cheat, and rob, joining forces with other powerful bandit leaders. These individuals are known as Bandits. Though not all as bad as the other, they are known to be ruthless in their missions.

While both sides fight for their own reasons, each individual wishes to achieve the same overall goal: Fame. Glory. To be known throughout all of Aeons. These individuals are born everyday, some even starting as young as 15 years old. Though there is great risk, and people of both sides die everyday, still these people carry on, hoping to write their own stories.

So now, one important question remains: Will your story be heard?

Aeons Part One: Heroes Arise

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